November 27, 2023

Next Marathons

19. Nicosia, Cyprus - 10 December 2023

20. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 7 January 2024

21. Sevilla, Spain - 18 February 2024

22. Barcelona, Spain - 10 March 2024

23. Paris, France - 7 April 2024

24. Zurich, Switzerland - 21 April 2024

25. Leiden, Netherlands - 12 May 2024

November 27, 2023

18. Florence, Italy – 26 November 2023

The Frozen 3:45:25

Running the magnificent Florence Marathon, at the heart of European Art; full joy around monuments, bridges and picturesque streets and a legendary start and finish in front of Duomo. My coldest ever Marathon, starting at -3oC and finishing at 5oC, though careful energy management tactics and three layers of clothing 😊 allowed for a glorious finish in 3 hours 45 minutes.

November 15, 2023

17. Athens, Greece – 12 November 2023

The Athens PB 3:43:45

What a splendid Personal Best race of the new era in sunny Athens Marathon. 3 hours and 43 minutes with optimum running effort at the difficult hilly course, brisk at the first part and gradually stronger at the second part (negative split of 1:53 the first half and 1:50 the second half 😊). Full joy running with the support of family and friends along the course and with innermost hope that next year I complete my 30 Marathons challenge with Athens among the cities with 30 km/h speed limit.

October 24, 2023

16. Lyon, France – 22 October 2023

The Rivers 3:45:27

Running a very beautiful Marathon race, along Lyon rivers Rhône and Saône, at a highly livable and picturesque city respecting well pedestrians and cyclists. A fast flat course with excellent weather conditions and finishing in full joy in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

October 1, 2023

15. Brussels, Belgium – 1 October 2023

The my Brussels 3:54:10

What a joy to run the 15th Marathon of my 30 Marathons challenge, in my Brussels Marathon today, at the city pioneer of 30km/h speed limit. Nice weather at a difficult hilly course around beautiful Brussels canals and parks and finishing strong in 3 hours and 54 minutes inside Roi Baudouin Stadium, in high emotions in front of my two brothers Nikos and Alexandros.

September 15, 2023

14. Tallinn, Estonia – 10 September 2023

The Cool-Fast 3:37:47

Running joy in one more Nordic Marathon, in beautiful Tallinn with excellent weather, mostly flat course and finishing cool in a quite fast timing of 3 hours 37 minutes (Boston Marathon qualifier). The summer training kilometers with great friends paid well back, remind us the fundamental life principle: what we put is what we get.

July 3, 2023

13. Apeldoorn, Netherlands – 1 July 2023

The Last Minute - 3:53:55

Feeling in shape, being close, I decided to run Apeldoorn Marathon just one day before. A calm and beautiful race within the forests, surprisingly full of small slopes (286 m elevation change!), exploiting the excellent infrastructure for cyclists and the longest ever straight line I have ever run (5km). Luckily, the rain stopped just before the race and with a steady pace finished in 3:53 minutes, completing 7 marathons in four months. Now some summer training without races before restarting in Autumn.

June 7, 2023

12. Stockholm, Sweden – 3 June 2023

The 50th: 3:58:56

Epic joy and high emotions, completing my 50th Marathon in Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in Sweden the pioneer of Vision Zero road fatalities inspiring road safety efforts globally. Running with loud Vikings, a sunny day around the Stockholm picturesque islands, parks and monuments at a difficult non-stop slopes' course, at a timing of 3:58, completing sustainably 6 sub-4 Marathons in 14 weeks. Watch the epic video

May 16, 2023

11. Copenhagen, Denmark – 14 May 2023

The Cycling City - 3:53:16

Running with the very happy Vikings in a beautiful sunny and hot spring day, a very flat course around great monuments in Copenhagen, the most sustainable mobility city of cyclists, electric vehicles and active travelling full engagement. Starting and finishing in great joy together with the great fellow Polias Runners, in 3 hours and 53 minutes at a very steady and sustainable 5:30min/km pace.

April 24, 2023

10. Belgrade, Serbia – 23 April 2023

The Celebration - 3:55:27

Celebrating my name day at the beautiful and flat Belgrade Marathon, through the imposing big bridges of Sava river, the very long and wide avenues and a 3K uphill slope at the finish. A sunny and hot day, full of spectators' bravo along the 42 kms. Happy to managing so far sub-4 hours at all four Marathons in two months, saving stamina for the three Marathons to come before summer.

April 3, 2023

9. Paris, France – 2 April 2023

The Beautiful - 3:52:02

First time two Marathons in two weeks, fortunately without problems, due to special recovery and physio programmes (thanks to Nikos Polias and Kostas Koulidis) and respecting every one of the 42 kms of the race. 6th time in Paris, the most beautiful course in the world with even more monuments this year and amazing spectators everywhere. And most importantly running in a city pioneer in applying 30km/h speed limit city-wide (with few arteries excepted) for safer, healthier and greener traffic for all.

March 22, 2023

8. Rome, Italy – 19 March 2023

The Legendary - 3:55:55

Pure joy at Legendary Rome, running around eternal monuments, happy fellow runners talking and shouting even more than the spectators, a nice day at a flat course with several cobblestone segments. Slow start to cope with my back pain but then smoothly steady pace that wins the race, finishing in front of the amazing Colosseum.

March 2, 2023

7. Malta – 26 February 2023

The Knights - 3:55:13

On the road again, first time on February, not really ready. A beautiful Marathon around the castles of the knights' island, full of slopes, windy but ideal weather and optimum effort finishing in 3 hours 55 minutes. Few spectators rather indifferent and sometimes between vehicles' traffic.

January 1, 2023

6. Valencia, Spain – 4 December 2022

The Fracture - 3:58:13

Completed 8 Marathons within 2022 (44th in total). A difficult decision to enter the race within my fracture recovery period, resulted in another very painful Marathon, however overly compensated by a great race at a runners' city together with the best runners group.

January 1, 2023

5. Athens, Greece – 13 November 2022

The Pain - 3:54:27

Running my 21st Athens Marathon, with heavy pain from a fracture at metatarsus since km 5. My part of bad luck. Great joy in steady pace at the slopes, together with several friends runners and spectators along the route, and a beautiful fast finish.

January 1, 2023

4. London, UK – 2 October 2022

The Noisy - 3:31:47

Racing 42km for the 42nd time at my second Major Marathon, a beautiful day at a flat Marathon route, crowded by runners and spectators everywhere. A joyful fast Marathon in London, the city of the original Marathon distance.

December 12, 2022

3. Antwerp, Belgium – 11 September 2022

The Slow-Fast - 3:33:40

A beautiful day at a flat and beautiful route by the sea at Antwerp Port, that I felt so well and changed my plan after km 10 to accelerate and finish 12 minutes faster than planned.

December 12, 2022

2. Helsinki, Finland – 20 August 2022

The Summer - 3:45:04

Great joy at my 40th Marathon. First time a Marathon in August. Beautiful course by the sea at a quite hot day, especially for the Nordic runners. Surprisingly sometimes on sidewalk not to disturb car traffic! A cool run with very steady pace that wins the race.

December 12, 2022

1.Zagori Mountain Marathon – 23 July 2022

The Beyond the limits - 11:21:38

Beyond the mountains and well beyond my body limits, I completed the Zagori Mountain Marathon+ 44Km with 2.600m elevation gain, at 35oC! Pure joy at the long-waited tribute run to my homeland breath-taking mountains, only possible with the unique support of fellow Polias Runners. The start of the challenge of 30 Marathons in 30 months for 30km/h Cities.

December 11, 2022

Luxembourg – 28 May 2022

The Night - 3:54:25

First time Marathon racing at night, around a beautiful City, full of cheering people and up and down a great valley. Exploring endurance at the last 12K in heavy darkness and upward slopes. A magnificent midnight finish.